Pre-Order via SMS

A Step-by-Step Guide​

Skip the queue during lunch hours. We do provide pre-order service to our customers via SMS between 8am to 10am. This is strictly subject to respective stalls' storage capacity! 

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Making Decision!

1. Select the Type salad base you want:

     i.   Mixed Salad Base

     ii.  No Base

     iii. Spinach base (only at Market St & Westgate)

2. Choose your basic salad topping

     i.   5 basic toppings

     ii.  Select additional basic toppings at $0.50 each

 3. Choose your premium topping (Optional)

 4. Choose 1 type of salad dressing

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Send Your Orders!

SMS your order as such:

Name <no Type of Salad> Choice1 Choice2 Choice3 Choice4 Choice5 Dressing

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Your Collection Point!

Choose the Stall you want to collect from!


@Amoy Street Food Centre #01-41

SMS order to HP:98534093

Please send your order before 1030am.

@GSH Plaza #01-08 (Raffles Place)

SMS order to HP:81622922

Please send your order before 1030am.

@Tg Pagar #01-04

SMS order to HP: 82584530

Please send your order before 1030am

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After you sent your pre-order sms, you will be waiting for a confirmation SMS.

1.    "OK" - Your order is being prepared and you can collect it 1 hr later

​2.   If you do not recieve any reply after 11am. We are not able to fulfill your request due to storage constraints or late orders.